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Increase Word Of Mouth Advertising From Massage Clients

Jan 17, 17 Increase Word Of Mouth Advertising From Massage Clients

So you’ve found out what the client wants from their treatment, and how they want to feel at the end of it. Now you need to make sure they get that – or rather they realize they have the outcome they were after.

The Power of Touch

When you are physically touching someone, the power and influence of what you say is drastically magnified. I use this to my advantage each time I start a treatment, when the client is on the table, before I do anything else I want them to breathe and relax.

Try this with your next client and see if you notice the same effect.

Make sure your client is comfortable to begin with on the table.

Start by placing your hand on the small of their back or the top of their chest depending on whether the client is prone or supine. Then gently, the tone of voice is very important, ask them to take three slow deep breaths – in through the nose, out through the mouth.

On the second out breath gently say to them:

“Feel your body relax, and let your muscles go”

When you do this watch them closely, each and every client I have done this with has the same response. You can physically see them relax and loosen their muscles and tension.

You haven’t done anything and already your client is going to be feeling better!

But be very careful and think about what you say to them. You can make them relax very quickly and easily like that, but what would happen if you made a comment about how tight or tense a muscle is? All they are going to do is tighten and tense those muscles because you have told them to do that.

If they ask how a muscle feels make general comments, nothing specific – save that for the end when they notice the difference.

How do you feel?

At the end of the treatment, I give the client the time and space to get up but I always ask them to leave their coat off as I have a quick question I’d like to ask them at the end.

It’s important that they don’t get ready to walk out – as soon as the coat is on they are in the mind set of the treatment is over, we want to ensure that they feel the benefit of the treatment and that it continues to work once they have left the practice room.

Once they are ready I return to the room, place a bottle of water on the side. “There’s some water here if you’d like some.” It is important that we don’t give it to them or tell them to drink it immediately as a command. They are thinking about the treatment and how they feel, and that is what we want – if they are thinking they’d like some water then they will take some. We can advise them later the importance of drinking plenty of water. Find more information here at

Ask the client to do the following for you:

“Have a walk around the room and describe how you feel”

If they stand still, prompt them to keep walking, also ask how any problem areas they wanted massaging feel, how do they feel physically and mentally. How does it compare to how they felt when they arrived? And crucially – do you feel you have the outcome you were after?

As they move, walk and talk about their body and what they feel and notice they will start to realise how the treatment has helped them. By realizing and acknowledging that when they see someone who asks “Where have you been?” the reply won’t be “Oh I’ve just had a massage.” It will hopefully be more like “I’ve just had the most amazing massage, my shoulder feels so free and loose now. I can’t believe the difference it made.” That friend will then be interested in coming to see the therapist that did that rather than one that “felt nice”.

So your client will want to return to you for ensuring they had such a good treatment, and they will happy recommend you to others.

Without any investment you have increased the power of your word of mouth marketing by probably more than 10 times!

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Emerald Facial and Sapphire Massage Anyone?

Jan 17, 17 Emerald Facial and Sapphire Massage Anyone?

One of the newest and most astounding spa therapies now being offered in the most progressive resort and medical spas is the “gem lamp treatment” which use ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond and other gemstones in a special lamp. The lamp has a removable lens where the therapist places a fully faceted precious gemstone and the lamp plugs into an electronic instrument. The instrument is capable of producing frequencies from 1 to 16 pulses per second, which are then imposed on a copper coil inside the gem lamp.A patient or client is then bathed in the healing light rays of the color that is transmitted through the gem and onto their body. An amazing transformation then almost immediately takes place. Especially with emerald treatments and blue sapphire treatments an immediate calm comes over the person being treated. It almost seems like a “tranquility ray” has been blasted into the entire room.

With the blue sapphire treatment an immediate slowing down of the mind takes place and the person feels restful and wants to relax. A feeling of simple “well-being” comes over them, muscles relax and tensions start to dissipate. What a wonderful addition to a massage. So often a massage therapist finds that their client is so tense and stressed (which is why they’re there for a massage in the first place) that they have to take much longer before being able to deepen the massage of muscles as it is too painful. With the blue sapphire treatment for 15 minutes beforehand the client is relaxed and whatever worries they had are forgotten, at least for the moment, and that’s all that’s needed to be able to allow a massage therapist to make the most of the session.

Interestingly enough the blue sapphire treatment is also having success in treating sleep disorders, due to the calming effect. Not that a person has it with their massage and then is sleepy for the day, but it’s almost like the effect is retraining the mind to relax when it’s time to relax. Many report sleeping better for many nights after one treatment before their massage. Persons suffering from depression also reported that the treatment gave them a lift and reduced their anxiety and natural health care practitioners are now using it as an alternative to drugs for depression and anxiety disorders.

Estheticians rejoice, as you can now give the most rejuvenating facial possible with the “emerald facial”. Emeralds have had a reputation from the lore of many cultures as being “soothing to the eyes”. They were also said to be rejuvenating and indeed this seems to be the effects of using these emerald “healing rays” on the skin while getting a traditional facial.

In keeping with the ancient folklore the emerald treatment relieves fatigued eyelids and also makes the lips look healthier. It is revitalizing for the skin and is now being thought to be the best gem to use for “anti-aging” and for repairing damaged skin, even from sun damage. The green color emitted through the emerald seems to regenerate healthy skin cells, unclog pores and clear the complexion, including uneven skin tone and discoloration.

Even skin problems like psoriasis, eczema and acne respond positively to treatment with emerald and in some patients a treatment with red coral in the gem lamp is also used. Whether for repair, nourishing or beautifying one’s skin the emerald gem treatment seems set to be the wave of the future in all spas worldwide.

Just got to the spa after a long plane journey? The emerald treatment in one lamp taken at the same time a blue sapphire treatment is given with another lamp (each instrument is capable of having two separate lamps with two completely different gem treatments at one time) will make your jet lag disappear within 20 minutes.

With so many therapists now beginning to become interested in this phenomenal natural therapy and using it in conjunction with a myriad of healing modalities we are certain to see more successes being publicized in the future. One thing we all agree on, though, is it’s the most wonderful complement to spa therapies in the history of the industry. Next time you go to a spa, ask for it.

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